Perry T. Wolfe, MD

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy about medicine is to provide the best medical treatment, proven to work by scientific investigation and research, to help my patients extend the healthy phase of their lives in order to enjoy the blessings of life, to the best of their ability, for the longest time frame possible. I treat them all as if they were family: being blunt and sincere when necessary and a patient, active listener. My MDVIP practice promotes this philosophy and assures the success of my mission to achieve this goal.

One of my medical school teachers told us “If the physician will just listen, the patient will tell you what is wrong”. I believe in that wisdom and listen closely to what my patients say. I even learned to speak Spanish while in medical school. One of my greatest motivations to expand my vocabulary and perfect my accent, was to make it clear to my Spanish speaking patients that I truly understood the nature of their complaints and that I would provide the proper care based on that detailed understanding of their problem. I love being a physician, I feel privileged to be a physician and I hope that is reflected in how I do what I do.

Physician Profile


University of Texas
El Paso, TX
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Minor in Chemistry 1979
Medical School
Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
Doctorate of Medicine 1984
Southern Illinois University Family Practice
Springfield, IL
Family Practice 1985-1986
St. Mary Hospital
Hoboken, NJ
Family Residency 1987-1990


New Mexico

Professional Society Memberships

American Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians

Professional Affiliations and Appointments

Designated Doctor, Texas Workman Commission
Senior Flight Examiner, Federal Aviation Administration
Medical Examiners, INS

Hospital Affiliations

Las Palmas Medical Center
Providence Medical Center
Sierra Medical Center



Patient Testimonials

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