Embrace a healthy lifestyle—little steps can go a long way

Adopting and maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle might seem like a big commitment, but it is easier than you might think. Concentrate on one specific area at a time, and set a goal and an ideal time frame in which to achieve it. Start easy and move onto bigger changes over time. Below are a few simple changes that might help:
  • More Activity: Walk all the aisles in the supermarket and use stairs when possible. 
  • Lose Weight: Always eat breakfast and control portion sizes. Try to have a little bit of everything versus having a lot of just a few foods.
  • Lower Cholesterol: Switch to low-fat dairy products and eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Go to bed 15 minutes early every night for a week to adjust to an earlier bedtime.
  • Stay motivated: Regularly connect with others with similar goals and share your experiences. Informing others of your goals will help you stay accountable. Also, subscribe to newsletters and follow MDVIP and other inspirational health experts on Facebook and Twitter.
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Embrace a healthy lifestyle—little steps can go a long way

Leverage the latest diagnostics and screeners–beyond cholesterol measurement

For years we have relied on routine, early-detection screenings that measure total, good and bad cholesterol levels.

These screenings only indicate the amount of cholesterol in your blood, telling just a portion of our heart’s health story. Advanced tests are available to get a more accurate assessment of your cholesterol.

  • The VAP test included in the MDVIP Wellness Program gauges the number and size of bad cholesterol particles in your blood. Many small particles is a risk factor of heart disease since they can more easily lodge in arterial walls and cause more damage than a few larger particles.
  • The Wellness Program also tests for over-production of myeloperoxidase (MPO). This enzyme is released by white blood cells to kill harmful bacteria; however, when MPO is elevated, it can reduce the effectiveness of good cholesterol, potentially leading to a build-up of plaque in the arteries. It also releases a bleach-like substance that erodes the walls of the arteries, causing the built-up plaque to become unstable and possibly rupture. When this happens, a clot is formed to patch the area, but if a clot blocks blood flow, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

These tests and the services provided in MDVIP-affiliated practices are paying off for members.

A recent study showed results from the MDVIP primary care model exceeded the top 10% of national HMO and PPO benchmarks for clinical outcomes. Among the most compelling findings was 96% of MDVIP members with heart disease or cardiovascular conditions had LDL-C cholesterol screenings performed versus the 81%-89% for the national health plan benchmark.

In an article published in the peer-reviewed the American Journal of Managed Care (December 2012), MDVIP was recognized in the first-ever study of hospital utilization in personalized healthcare. Medicare patients receiving care from MDVIP-affiliated physicians for conditions such as acute heart attack or myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure and pneumonia experienced a dramatic decrease in re-admissions versus comparable non-MDVIP patients.

To minimize your risk of heart disease, make sure you are leveraging the latest diagnostics and screeners in the MDVIP wellness exam and discuss your concerns with your MDVIP-affiliated physician.

Partner with your MDVIP-affiliated doctor for one-on-one coaching on your individual needs

Partner with your MDVIP-affiliated doctor for one-on-one coaching on your individual needs

Fortunately, your MDVIP-affiliated doctor has the time and the tools to dedicate to your unique situation and be proactive about your overall health. It is important for you to take advantage of the extra time you have with your doctor and make the most of you annual wellness plan.

Your doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone of your success and will guide your path to healthy, happy living.

Make use of all the MDVIP Wellness Tools, Including MDVIP Connect

Many members view their physician’s coaching as the easiest part of living a heart-healthy lifestyle. They find the challenging part begins outside the office when they're on their own to form new, healthy habits. This is when people appreciate the online tools available at MDVIP Connect, your personalized member dashboard.

Accessible on desktop and mobile devices anywhere an internet connection is available, MDVIP Connect provides heart-healthy resources, including an interactive health assessment, downloadable heart-healthy recipes and meal planners, exercise information and various educational articles n the latest health news and research. Log into MDVIP Connect now »
Make use of all the MDVIP Wellness Tools, Including MDVIP Connect