Long Live Healthy with Member Stories

Aug 5, 2011

Member: Amy

Doctor Rating: 5

My personal doctor helps me live life to the fullest

My husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary around the time that our primary family physician Dr. Robert Homburg was switching over to be an MDVIP provider. I am a special education teacher and my husband does grounds care at CSU. We could have spent $1,500 each to go on a cruise to mark the occasion of our anniversary, or we could spend the money on a year of care from Dr. Homburg. Talking it over, we decided we needed to give ourselves the same kind of care we get from our veterinarian (we can call our vet and he gets us in that day or gives us guidance over the phone).

Turns out we made a great choice! I started to have intense rib pain on my left side. Dr. Homburg was committed to investigating the cause and finding treatment for the pain (X-rays, medication, steroid injection, physical therapy), all with some relief, but the pain persisted. Finally, Dr. Homburg sent me for a CAT scan and called to tell me a tumor was on my left kidney. He immediately set me up with a urologist in our area who specializes in robotic surgery. Usually there is a waiting list for surgery, but I had my surgery right away. Dr. Lee removed a third of my kidney with the encapsulated tumor and on my follow-up appointment, he told me that he usually didn't get such positive post-op results with patients diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma; he usually tells these patients they have less than a year to live! I feel blessed for Dr. Homburg's persistence in addressing my health needs and facilitating the referral to Dr. Lee. At five weeks post-surgery, I started the new school year along with my young students, and I am grateful to be given a clean bill of health. The priority my husband and I set for our health in going with MDVIP means that we will have more years to get to walk our dogs together. I am happy to get to return to doing activities with our three labradors. Both Dr. Homburg and Dr. Lee told me to get out there and live life! Here are some pictures of me following doctors' orders! Pawsitively Yours, Amy