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Aug 5, 2011

Member: Kae

Doctor Rating: 5

Knowing me and my history saved my life

I am a 67-year-old, extremely active and healthy patient of MDVIP-affiliated physician Dr. Strait Fairey of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. I went to the office one day last spring for a routine wellness visit. An hour and a half later, at the end of my appointment, I left with a suspected cancer diagnosis. After a colonoscopy and an examination by a colorectal surgeon, Dr. Fairey's suspicion was confirmed - I, who presented absolutely no symptoms, was diagnosed with anal cancer. Dr. Fairey had never diagnosed this rare form of cancer nor did he ever have a patient with the disease. So how did he suspect it in me? I know how. Dr. Fairey knows me and my personal medical history inside and out. During my annual rectal exam, he noticed that I was unusually uncomfortable, more so than I have been in the past, and he also knew that my mother had the same rare form of cancer at my very same age. If it wasn't for my close, personal relationship with Dr. Fairey and his proactive and most thorough approach to my care, I certainly could have had a very different outcome. It has been three years since my diagnosis and my last treatment, and I am cancer-free! I feel great. I have been able to resume my regular travel schedule to Greenville and Charleston to teach shag dancing, the official state dance of South Carolina. I have as much energy as my young granddaughters and plan to dance my way to many more healthy years, thanks to Dr. Fairey's genuine concern for my well-being and the quality care he continues to provide.