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Aug 18, 2011

Member: Joseph

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Goodman is not only a great doctor but an honest and caring individual.

Dr. Goodman is not only a great doctor but an honest and caring individual. Last year I had the misfortune of having to have an ablation because of AFIB. Needless to say, I was very nervous because I had had it done 1 1/2 years prior and it didn't stick. Dr. Goodman and his staff were so supportive of my needs (blood tests to check coumadin levels, adjusting those levels and ALWAYS making sure the I was able to come in when I needed all of this etc.). He gave me all the time I needed to deal with this, sometimes on a bi-weekly basis. He never once seemed frustrated and was always supportive. Elise and Barbara (along with Helene) treated me like I was family. I guess that's because his office is like a family. They all care for each other and that transfers over to the patients. I had my operation and it was successful this time. The process was made 100 easier because of Dr. Goodman and his staff. I owe them more than I can expalin. They helped me keep my sanity through something that was extremely nerve wracking. If there were more doctors in the world like him medical practitioners would get the respect they deserve and need. I would never hesitate to recommend him. I consider him a friend and confidant and you don't get many doctors these days that you can honestly say that about. Most will push you through as if you were cattle and hardly speak to you. He takes the time to care. I'm sticking with him. In reference to MDVIP, I wish they would bill my credit card on a monthly basis, not quarterly. It would make my life a lot simpler. If this could be done, contact Dr. Goodmans office and they will get in touch with me.