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Sep 2, 2011

Member: julie

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Djordjevic is a caring doctor.

Dr. Djordjevic is a caring doctor. He never makes you feel rushed whether you are in the office for an appointment or calling him with a problem...even after hours! He is informative and you never feel like you are asking a dumb question with him. An experience that stands out in my mind is when my son woke up one day with a growth on the side of his neck I went into complete panic mode. I took him to an emergency room and was told to keep an eye on it, and if it did not go away away in a week or two then we should bring him to a ears, nose & throat doctor....Well 2 weeks was not gonna work for me...so on a Sunday we called Dr. D. and 8:00 Monday morning my son was seen at Rush Hospital by one of Dr. Djordjevis's associates. Everything turned out great! Dr. Djordjevic went the extra mile knowing how stressed we were over this sudden growth on our sons neck. You meet very few people today who are meant to do what they do and I am proud to say our doctor, Dragan Djordjevis is definitly one of them.