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Sep 28, 2011

Member: Alexandra

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Zeale is very thorough.

Dr. Zeale is very thorough. When I was teaching music, if I came in with a mere respiratory infection I thought might be bronchitis or a bad back, he always encouraged me that it wasn't bad as and to go back to my teaching work. No that I'm older he found that I need to be doing more cardio. I'm pretty healthy and walk a lot, go to gym and do Pilates but Dr. Zeale says I really need to get out of breath more often. From the lung capacity test. Also Dr. Zeale got me to stop eating red meat and cheese for my cholesterol level, but he gets that mine's hereditary, too. Once in NY I had a fever and called his answering service. Dr. Zeale called back pretty soon and told me just to take Advil and sure enough the fever went down! That was very quick response time. I was impressed! But generally I like getting a thorough checkup and being naturally chatty love all the questions and tests. I'm allowed to ask a few, too, and it's like a fun science lesson. We've been working together since the '80's.

Photo: Alexandra