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Jan 24, 2012

Member: Elizabeth

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Florek has been our primary care physician for many years.

Dr. Florek has been our primary care physician for many years. His attention to our total health and wellness inspired my husband and me to join MDVIP when he became an affiliated physician. He has always been a good educator as well as an expert in treatment of injury and disease. For example, when my husband showed a tendency toward becoming diabetic, Dr. Florek sent him to a dietician who developed a meal plan for him. Then my husband and I attended classes given by a dietician where we learned how to implement the meal plan. We learned which vegetables transformed to sugar(peas) and which were free (green beans) among many other helpful things. By following the meal plan we both lost weight. My husband's sugar levels retuned to normal range. He never became diabetic. Both of us experienced more energy and better health by cooking and eating the right things.. That is only one example. I could cite many more. The secure messaging provision has come in handy on several occasions. When used, Dr. Florek responds immediately. It is so much better than phone tag and one can give all details in a coherent message. It is a wonderful feature. I could go on about the quality of care received from Dr. Florek. However, the real star that shines is his compassion and care for us and all his patients as individuals. Healing is as much related to attitude and confidence as it is to diagnoses and prescriptions. Dr. Florek is compassionate, confident, and has a wonderful network of speicalist to call upon when needed. We are blessed to have him as our primary care physician and as MDVIP members to have significant time to work with him toward good health.

Photo: Elizabeth