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Jan 25, 2012

Member: Cathey Jo

Doctor Rating: 5

I am blessed to have Dr. Mille as My Physican.

I am blessed to have Dr. Mille as My Physican Last year I had to have a lumbar fusion. before the fusion i was in the care of a pain clinic, having injections. I even had to go to emergency at the hospital because the pain was so acute I was doubled over and could not move my left leg. I could not get anyone to help me. The pain clinic and hospital gave me medicine and sent me home. I finally called Dr. Miller late in the evening. He heard something in my voice that he did not like and knew something was the matter. He acutally came to my home to see me. Looked at my leg, and how much pain I was in and saw that I could not strighten up. Within twelve hours I was in his surgeons office that his family goes to and in the hospital being prepared for surgery. He took care of me the entire time in the hospital and is still the head Dr. watching over all treatments and medications. I am getting ready for another fusion and Dr. Miller again told me that he would be with me all the way. I do not have to go thorugh this by myself. I am so grateful for my Dr. patient relationship. The greatest gift he give to us as patients is he LISTENS and he loves what he does. It is so evnident that he cares about all of us. Dr. Miller congratulations. God put you into my life as my physican in 1991.You have gone thrrough 15 surgeries with me. I am very greatful and know that God has blessed all of us who are your patients. You are a gift and have been given a wondeful gift from God to do what you do with love and patience. I know I am standing on my two legs, walking, breathing, moving, driving and enjoying life even with its limitations because you are my Doctor. I humbly Thank YOU