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Feb 26, 2012

Member: Martin

Doctor Rating: 5

On a recent trip to Australia I became ill.

On a recent trip to Australia I became ill. First it was a severe head and chest cold. Then the night before we were to return home I came down with food poisoning. Weak from fighting a nasty upper repertory infection the food poisoning knock me out and I had to seek medical attention. With a complicated medical history to include surviving cancer twice I was worried about going to a foreign health clinic. But Dr. Rotsides was with me by phone the whole time. He reassured me I became ill and spoke to the doctors on both my visits to the clinic ensuring I received a proper examination and the appropriate medicines to help me recover. Even being 17 time zones away he took my calls early in the morning a late at night. With Dr. Rotsides help I recovered and made it home in good order. I cannot tell you what I relief it was for me and my wife to have him in my corner.