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Apr 24, 2012

Member: Ashleigh

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Lee has changed the quality of my life immeasurably.

Dr. Lee has changed the quality of my life immeasurably. In the span of one year I have gone from ENDURING menopause and the related weight gain, lack of energy, mood swings, hot flashes, memory loss, etc. to back to normal. By incorporating very small but essential changes such as supplementing my diet with vitamin D, focusing on nutrition and the RIGHT mix of hormone therapy, I have lost 40 pounds, had my energy levels shoot up, and I bounce out of bed. Nothing was a magic cure, but he listened, took time to make small adjustments to medication, and convinced me that small changes in my diet would make a huge difference. He was right. The fact that he is an MD VIP physician, and always responds to my inquiries in a timely manner makes it easy to quickly get on track and stay on track. I am grateful to be able to pay the membership fee for MD VIP. Before meeting Dr. Lee, I spent 3 years miserably trying to get through a normal change in life and try to schedule doctor appointments with busy, uninterested doctors who did not return phone calls and did not take the time to diagnose properly. I finally decided to fly from Alaska to the SF Bay Area to consult with Dr. Lee, and am so glad I did. Many, many thanks Dr. Lee. You are a life saver, ad the MD VIP program is the best money I have ever spent.