Long Live Healthy with Member Stories

Jun 28, 2012

Member: Susan

Doctor Rating: 5

I had my first MDVIP exam this week.

I had my first MDVIP exam this week. I went for blood work two weeks before and all the results were back for my appointment. I am extremely happy with this new program. Dr. Randolph spent two hours with me going over all my results, answering questions, and getting to know me better as a patient. She has always been wonderful in spending time with me, but this extra benefit was very much appreciated. She did an EKG and I had the results immediately. She saw that my potassium was just a little low and did another blood test just to check it. Within 24 hours, I had a call from her telling me the results were normal. She motivated me by giving me dietary ideas and encouraging exercise. She told me about a iPad app that I might find useful and I started to use it today. She put me at ease about the aging process and gave me a new incentives.