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Sep 28, 2012

Member: Doris

Doctor Rating: 5

I do love my doctor! I like that I can call him and get answers almost instantly.

I do love my doctor! I like that I can call him and get answers almost instantly. I can call his wonderful nurses and get guidance on issues that concern me. They will always run my questions by the doctor and get back to me if that becomes necessary. I am treated as a whole person. He takes all the time I need to discuss the status of my health. I feel safe and cared for to the nth degree. I have a very comprehensive yearly physical. One appointment with the nurses doing routine tests, and a blood test. The next week I have an hour long appointment to go over my blood test results, and further evaluations. I have reduced my elevated cloresteral to the correct level, lost a few pounds, and have controlled my high blood pressure with his help and encouragement. Again, I can call him anytime, I mean anytime, with health concerns. Thankfully so far my wellness plan has been working very well. I am 79 years old, excercise three times a week at Curves and walk 30 minutes before each workout. He treats me as a whole person, unlike how specialists treat their patients. He listens to my concerns about taking too much medication. He actually is so comforting to me if I am anxious or worried about something. When I am traveling, I can call him with my concerns, or have access to MDVIP doctors in most areas of the US. Having a family doctor who takes time and special care with each patient is invaluable, as apposed to going from one specialist to another, each of whom are strange to you and don't treat your whole health. My doctor is the intermediary if specialists are necessary. I feel that the nominal cost for this service is well worth it. My doctor is able to treat patients in the way he was taught in medical school. Today, in most practices, you are just a number, and get maybe fifteen minutes if you are lucky for an appointment. Plus you can not be seen right away, as I am able to be seen. I recommend MDVIP highly, and MY doctor, Dr. David Abbey

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