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Jan 22, 2013

Member: Ginny

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Susan E. Ring is always smiling and positive.

Dr. Susan E. Ring is always smiling and positive. She has a focus on healthy, happy living and gently encourages without brow-beating. Besides having good people-skills, she is a listener who takes notes and then asks questions. Not only is she your doctor, but she's also your partner in staying healthy. Her experience is wide-range; she is smart and understands the connection between mind-body health as well as the importance of giving her patients time with her. We're going to get you feeling better is her mantra, and she offers it with 2-3 suggestions or paths to take. There's regularly scheduled follow up appointments that begin with How's it going? She follows with How's the exercising and/or how are the meds working? I want to see you again in___and keep a check on how you are doing. Call me if you need me. For chronic conditions, and I have a couple that require maintenance, this is invaluable. Her expertise and demeanor provide hope and wellness in a doctor-patient partnership. She should be the mentor for every aspiring physician. It doesn't get any better than this. Dr. Ring was MDVIP before there was MDVIP!