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Feb 15, 2013

Member: William

Doctor Rating: 5

I began seeing Dr. Burpeau more than five years ago.

I began seeing Dr. Burpeau more than five years ago. At that time my health was typical for a middle aged man. I had moderately high cholesterol levels and had a bad good-to-bad cholesterol ratio. I had relatively high blood pressure, higher than normal blood sugar, and a high positive (bad) heart-health risk score. I was moderately obese. I had serious and painful back problems. And, I took an inordinate amount of medication to help manage these problems. Overall, my health was not a pretty picture. Now, thanks to Dr. Burpeau's careful attention, his treatment, his recommendations, his effective guidance and his encouragement, my health picture is radically changed. My cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels are now normal. My good-to-bad cholesterol ratio is excellent. I weigh only a bit more than what I should weigh and that will soon be fixed. My back problem is under control. My heart-health risk score went from very positive (very bad) to highly negative (extraordinarily good). And, amazingly, I now take almost no medication. How can it get any better than this? My health has steadily and substantially improved thanks to the care and guidance of Dr.John Burpeau.