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Jul 11, 2013

Member: Linda

Doctor Rating: 5

I am a member of MDVIP.

I am a member of MDVIP. My husband and I are very happy that we made a decision to join the network, but even happier with our good fortune to find Dr. Michael Finkelstein. And, I would like to tell you why... His care: Michael is caring and a dedicated professional. He is an outstanding analyst...he listens intently and responds to questions with deep understanding and seasoned competency. And, even more importantly, he is able to communicate his conclusions and counsel with clarity. He is reassuring, supportive and above all, thorough. I am confident that we have the very best in health care today. Your network: MDVIP enables great physicians like Dr. Finkelstein to practice intently and deliver quality care and quality time for each patient. Thank you for leading, directly and developing this plan. I believe that our investment in MDVIP provides patients and physicians a platform for optimal healthy futures for all. Please feel free to use my commentary on your website and/or materials. Sincerely, Linda C. Drake