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Feb 6, 2014

Member: virginia

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr.Killen has been our family doctor since February, 1975.

Dr.Killen has been our family doctor since February, 1975. He was doctor to my mother & my husband(both deceased), sister & her husband(moved out of state), brothers, cousins and close friends. I have had an extremely serious stomach problem most of my life. It was finally diagnosed in 1966. It usually requires emergency hospitalization. I have never needed Dr. Killen, day or middle of the nigh,t when I could not get him. Many times he came to emergency to check on me and/or admit me to the hospital if necessary. In my extensive travelling and extended out of state stays with family, Dr. K is still as close to me as my phone. As I get older, sometimes my calls to him are more frequent. When my mother (died 1976) and husband (died1985) were too sick for me to get them to Dr. Killen for office appointments, he came to our house to doctor them. He also worked with our insurance to make sure we got the help we were paying for and needed. The quality that I appreciate most in Dr. Killen is that He and his wife, Ann & sons are Christians. His mother and father were too. We thank God that He has given Dr. Kenneth Killen the gift to help our family spiritually and physically for 39 years. Thank you, (Dr. K.) Dr. Killen