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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Jaime

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Feuer has been my doctor for many years.

Dr. Feuer has been my doctor for many years. Upon getting my first lab results, which were not good numbers, she was in my face. While I tower over her, she boldly stood in front of me and pointed her finger at me and told me, you are a single father, with 3 kids, what's going to happen if you have a stroke??!! who's going to take care of them, who's going to feed you, bath you? Do you want to be around to see them grow up? Enjoy grandkids? Dr. Feuer is one of the toughest doctors I've ever had, she is brutally honest, she doesn't sugar coat anything. That works for me! It was an eye opener, she made me realize how important my health was, not only to me, but to my children. I realized I want to be around to for them. My kids have always been active and keeping myself healthy and physically fit allows me to keep up with their activities. Every visit with Dr. Feuer keeps me motivated and when I fall off the wagon she's there to give my a kick in the rear to get back on. She not only expects me to see her regularly for checkups and labs, she also reminds me to make appointments with the dentist, eye doctor, dermatologist, cardiologist etc. She makes sure I'm covering all my checkups outside her office visits. I'm grateful that she genuinely cares about my health. The attached fun photo-op is me taking my little boy to the zoo. :) Feeling strong!! Thank you Dr. Feuer!

Photo: Jaime