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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Ruth

Doctor Rating: 5

I am a senior who moved here from Canada about 5 years ago.

I am a senior who moved here from Canada about 5 years ago. The medical systems in Canada and the U.S. are radically different. Dealing with Medicare was a new and very difficult process, and it took about a year to adjust. I was extremely fortunate to find Dr. Schaeffer as my primary physician, while he was part of a very busy internal medicine practice. When he became part of MdVIP -- there was no hesitation on my part and I immediately signed up before he had reached the maximum enrolment. I have been grateful every day for having made that decision. Dr. Schaeffer is the same excellent physician that he had always been, but my access to him and the time that he was able to devote to me increased by a factor of 10. Dr. Schaeffer always takes the time to deal with any issues I have, answers my many questions about everything, and discussess and treats me with respect. He really listens to what I have to say, and always takes the time to explain. Dr. Schaeffer is extremely thorough and quickly follows up on test results, specialists' reports, etc. If something does not seen right to him he addresses it immediately, rather than saying Well, let's wait for a while and see what happens. He does whatever he can immediately. He has recommended me to several top specialists as needed, and I now have a sense of confidence that any and all of my health issues are being monitored and addressed. :His office staf is wonderful -- efficient, helpful and always pleasant. They respond promptly to any questions or requests, and follow up diligently. This is the best medical situation that I have ever had, and the sense of confidence that I have in Dr. Schaeffer and his team has removed the constant state of anxiety that used to be part of my medical care in the past. I am a very happy patient, and very grateful to have Dr. Schaeffer -- and MdVIP -- in such an important area of my life.