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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Melinda

Doctor Rating: 5

My entire family have been patients of Dr. Greenbaum for many, many years..

My entire family have been patients of Dr. Greenbaum for many, many years..so when he decided to join the MDVIP network, we all decided (after much thought and discussion) to remain with his practice. Dr. Greenbaum and his entire office staff (Amanda and Diane) were worth keeping but I just didn't realize how important that they would become in our families lives over the last 2 years. With aging parents (90+), you can't imagine the feeling of knowing that Dr. Greenbaum's support was only a phone call away. Yes..I have called the good doctor several times in the early morning hours...and have always been comforted by his advise. He conducted daily visits at the hospital and coordinated my Dad's care with the hospitalist, until his most peaceful death. The feeling of relief when he shows up in crisis situation is unbelievable, especially with today's environment at hospitals. Just last week, my mother was rushed to the ER (of course, only after a 7:00 AM call to Dr. Greenbaum). He met us at the hospital, arranged the needed test for my Mom, coordinated her care (despite the hospitalist), and calmed down the rest of the family. Most people aren't as lucky to have a Dr. Greenbaum. I do think that he would always treat his patients in the same caring fashion, even if he wasn't part of the MDVIP Network. It is a comfort having him in my families' lives.