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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Charles

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Dodson has been our family doctor for approximately ten(10) years.

Dr. Dodson has been our family doctor for approximately ten(10) years. He has done an excellent job of promoting and an individually focused Wellness Program(even before he became associated with MDVIP) and also detecting and addressing potential and actual health problems. During this period of time he has made excellent recommendations for doctors in specialized fields when they were needed(Urology, Gastroenterology, Surgeons, Dermatology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology and Gynecology) and follow up when the services were used. In 2010 I had a stool sample that tested positive for blood. Based on this test he recommended that I get a colonoscopy(I had one several years before and not indication of problem at that time). They determined that the blood in the stool sample came from irritation in my esophagus that was caused by reflux but they also found some polyps in my colon with cancer cells. The doctor that performed the colonoscopy felt confident that the cancer had not spread beyond the polyps therefore did not see a need for surgery. Dr. Dodson devoted a lot of time getting other opinions on the pathology report. Based on this and discussing the situation with a surgeon, he recommended that I have surgery to remove a section of the colon where the cancerous polyps were located. I believe that I would have had serious problems or may not be alive today if it had not been for Dr. Dodson's persistence and guidance in addressing this situation in a timely manner. A follow up colonoscopy since the surgery looked fine-no problems. In summary I think Dr. Dodson is an excellent doctor and is truly focused on doing things to help prevent health problems and dealing with health issues when they occur. He does an excellent job on my annual physicals-reviewing the lab results and making recommendations in areas that are not within the normal range. We have always been able to get appointments on short notice when needed, wait time at the office is minimum and he does not seem to be in a rush during my visit. He has an excellent staff that is always very helpful. My wife and I are so pleased that he is our doctor and we are enjoying very good health concerning our ages. Attached is a picture of me and my grandson enjoying a visit at the Zoo.

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