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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Nancy

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Heisler is a physician of such high caliber.

Having grown up with a father who was a physician, I came to know the high level of character quality and diagnosic skill necessary to best serve both patient and the honorable practice of medicine. Dr. Heisler is a physician of such high caliber, who recognizes the interwoven nature between the personhood of his patients and the concern they present to him. Patients, in this current healthcare environment, need an advocate who knows them well, who responds in kind by offering focused attention, and who applies years of diagnostic experience in the process of sleuthing out answers to one's healthcare need. I have been Dr. Heisler's patient for over twenty two years and can say with certainty that he is one who serves his patients and his community with expertise and humility. Additionally, by his side, works a medical assistant who shares his standards of excellence, of commitment to both patient and procedure. Thank you, Dr. Heisler and Jenny, for your faithfulness. Thank you. Nancy