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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Robert

Doctor Rating: 5

My wife began seeing Dr. Majors as a patient in the mid 1970’s.

My wife began seeing Dr. Majors as a patient in the mid 1970s. I became acquainted with him after our marriage in the mid 1980s. He has been our physician since that time except for a period of time when I was transferred to Florida. I will never forget my first appointment with Dr. Majors. He prescribed a medication and I asked him about side effects. He proceeded to draw out the chemical compound and explain in scientific terms how the new medicine would interact with my existing ones. I had never had a doctor take the time to do that and give me the credit for knowing what he was talking about. Needless to say, I was impressed. My initial impressions were correct. Over the years he has demonstrated an extraordinary knowledge of the medical arts. My wife has experienced an unusual amount of medical problems over the years ranging from open heart, shoulder and vertebra surgery, along with pain management. In every instance Dr. Majors has been there for us. Whether its giving advice, recommending a specialist or simply showing up at the hospital to make sure everything is going as expected, he has gone above and beyond. My wife and I have recommended Dr. Majors to friends and relatives alike. When he explained to me the new MDVIP program I thought the program was tailor made for us. Not only did we sign up but I also enrolled my son who has experienced issues over the years. Part of his problem was the fact that he has degrees in both chemistry and biology and doctors he had visited before where unable to effectively answer his questions regarding proscriptions and diagnoses. Although he had met and respected Dr. Majors in his role as a pharmaceutical sales representative (who called on Dr. Majors), he had never experienced his practice as a patient. He will never go to anyone else. I have enjoyed a fairly healthy life up until a few years ago. If Dr. Majors could have seen into the future, I dont know if he would have introduced me to the MDVIP program. In March of 2012 I experienced a stroke followed by the need for three stents to be installed in July of 2012 to keep my heart functioning. After a few months it was discovered that another stent was needed. Throughout my treatment and recovery Dr. Majors impressed me even further. His knowledge, experience and compassion helped me through the process more than he will ever know. The specialists he recommended where heads of their respective departments and knew Dr. Majors intimately. All of them had the same Midwestern work ethic and straightforward way of dispensing information, both good and bad. I cannot imagine going through those trials without the assistance of Dr. Majors and the MDVIP program which allowed unfettered access for both my wife and me. I can truthfully say that I believe I owe my life and sanity to this man. I was in Missouri Baptist Hospital recovering from my last heart stent when Dr. Majors showed up on Sunday morning early, sporting his signature bow tie. I joked with him about whether or not he ever relaxed. After all, it was Sunday morning and he is dressed like any other business day. He explained that he always dress appropriately when working, out of respect for his patient. That sums this man up. Respect for his patients, respect for his craft and respect for the people who work with and for him. It is hard not to respect a man who conducts himself in that manner.