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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Dede (Denise)

Doctor Rating: 5

I've been blessed to have Dr. LeFevre as my primary care physician for more than 27 years.

I've been blessed to have Dr. LeFevre as my primary care physician for more than 27 years. He has always been, by far, the most involved and caring doctor I've ever known. I was referred to Dr. LeFevre by my obstetrician just before my son was born, and he has consistently been a guardian angel watching over the health of both me and my son over these many years. He is a wise and intuitive man, who thankfully chose to dedicate his life to caring for and healing others. Eight years ago I moved 100 miles away from his practice and though it is a huge inconvenience to make a 200 mile round trip (especially when sick!), I have never thought to find another caregiver. There can be no one - anywhere - like Dr. LeFevre. In terms of quality of care, knowledge and experience, bed-side manner, ethics, and genuine concern for my well-being; Dr. LeFevre is the very best. I hope to remain in his care for a long time to come. One can't write about Dr. LeFevre without mentioning the incredibly kind, efficient, and hardworking staff he has surrounded himself with. Jenny and Mimi have become invaluable aides in my health and well-being over the years - they keep me in line and always go the extra mile to assist and care for me. Jenny in the front office is the smile and love that greets and cares for your every need every single day, no matter how busy the office is or how much you ask of her. Mimi never lets me get away with any negativity, NEVER hurts me when she draws blood or any other procedure, and is efficient and knowledgeable; she is not only wise but fun! There are others in the office, all who work hard for the patients. No one likes to be sick or need a doctor, but if you have to be sick - this is the place to go. More importantly, this is where I can depend on the preventive care and advice to keep me healthy and strong. Though I am sure Im not the perfect patient, Dr. LeFevre and MDVIP have consistently been steering me toward that goal with concern, information, passion, and patience.