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Feb 7, 2014

Member: Msgr. Morgan

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Gerard Boynton was my doctor in Corpus Christi, Texas for nineteen years.

Dr. Gerard Boynton was my doctor in Corpus Christi, Texas for nineteen years. He was more than my doctor as he became my friend, coach, advisor and he literally saved my life. After open heart surgery in 2006 I went into Congestive Heart failure and was in ICU for almost a week. Thanks to Doctor Boynton and the excellent care at Spohn Shoreline Hospital I recovered and returned to serve seven more years as pastor of a very busy parish in the Diocese of Corpus Christi. I have always received excellent and prompt care from Dr. Boynton but since he joined MDVIP it has been outstanding. Many times I called his office in the morning and the were able to get an appointment for me that day. I'm certain this prevented cold etc. from getting worse and doing more damage to my heart. Doctor Boynton had always time to listen to me and would even answers the phone after hours and on the weekends if I needed a prescription filled or some advice. I was sorry to move from Corpus Christi to San Antonio but have gone back to visit this wonderful doctor a few times for different needs and he always helped me. He also gave me goo advice in getting a MDVIP Doctor here in San Antonio where I now live in retirement. All the priests and the patients who go to Doctor Boynton have nothing but the loudest praise for this gifted and talented Doctor who is always willing to go beyond the call of duty. I will never forget his daily visits to me while I was hospitalized in Corpus Christi. He is one of a kind and we need more doctors like him to make all of us become healthier people and enjoy life. God has given me great doctors all my life but Dr. Boynton is the very best.