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Feb 15, 2014

Member: Michael

Doctor Rating: 5

I have been a patient of Dr. Frank Kane's for over twenty (20) years.

I have been a patient of Dr. Frank Kane's for over twenty (20) years. During this time, he has been nothing short of a caring, proactive, sincere, and competent healthcare professional. Those words cannot precisely express my satisfaction with him as my Doctor, so here are some examples: In 2008, I had an abscess that I was unaware of. Dr. Kane caught it, and I was hospitalized. The survival rate for that abscess is 50, if it had progressed further. In 2009, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident which almost took my life. I was out of state, and Dr. Kane was available within minutes to speak to the Doctors and nurses treating me, so that my medications, conditions, etc. were fully understood by the hospital staff. This was not the only time where he was in touch in such a short time period to aid in my hospitalization. Again in 2011, while hospitalized for gallbladder issues, he did not hesitate to talk to the Doctors and my family as to what were the best treatment options. As part of MDVIP, you receive a physical every year. But for that physical, in 2013, I would not have known that I had prostate cancer. Going to that physical is what caught it, and once again led me to the appropriate treatment. Most importantly is how caring Dr. Kane is. When I returned to his office after the motorcycle accident, the first thing that he said to me was Welcome Back, and those words have stayed with me to this day. I would highly recommend Dr. Kane, his friendly, caring, compassionate staff, and MDVIP to anyone.