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Feb 18, 2014

Member: Dara

Doctor Rating: 5

Roger and I have been patients of Dr. Anderson since 1984.

Roger and I have been patients of Dr. Anderson since 1984.We get our physicals with Dr. Anderson every year. When we met Dr. Anderson I was 22 and had an issue with anxiety. He was so compassionate and took the time to help me understand what was happening to me. When we come and get our physical every year it is as though we are visiting a member of our family. He takes the time to talk to us and wants to really know how we are doing. I am now 52 and dealing with the issue of menopause. I do not deal with it alone. Dr. Anderson is right there on this journey with me. In 2013 I visited Dr. Anderson several times with issues that menopause brings, concerns of my health. Dr. Anderson has been so patient and compassionate with me during this time. He does not make me feel silly for coming but goes the extra step to help provide the assurance that I am fine. I thank him so much. roger and I would like to take this time to Thank you for allowing us to still be your patient. It has been 30 years since we became your patients and we thank you for allowing us to love you so much but most of all we thank you for loving us back. You are great and we feel really blessed to have you as our Primary Physician. WE LOVE YOU!