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Feb 20, 2014

Member: Geno

Doctor Rating: 5

We are thrilled Dr. Philip Roth as our doctor.

We are thrilled Dr. Philip Roth as our doctor. We have all three children and each other under his watchful eye. Since the transition into the MDVIP program, Dr. Roth and his staff have been extremely thorough, attentive and able to spend as much time as required for each visit. No more waiting in waiting rooms or being hustled into an exam room for another long wait. He and his staff have always been excellent, but the extra time and less stressful environment has made the visits so much more informative and enjoyable. How has this improved our lives? Through Dr. Roth's exams and recommended testing, which included all sorts of blood tests, stress tests, MRI's a CT exams, he was able to determine a heart issue I have that may never have come to light until it was too late. While able to spend more time with us individually, he explained the importance of weight loss and how it can impact my health better than anyone else had been able to do so in the past. Because of my absolute respect and admiration of the man, I feared I'd disappoint him terribly if I didn't at least try to lose weight. To date, I've lost 50+ pounds, mostly due to his continual urging. MDVIP has changed our lives in other ways, as well. During my wife's recent mammogram, they discovered breast cancer. Fortunately it is at a very early stage. She has a tough road of treatment ahead, but Dr. Roth and his great staff have been wonderful through the process, helping us every step of the way. I cannot imagine what might have happened had we'd not had the good fortune to be under Dr. Roth in the MDVIP program. We are blessed to have Dr. Roth, his staff, and the entire MDVIP team behind us!

Photo: Geno