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Feb 23, 2014

Member: Richard and Beverly

Doctor Rating: 5

Doctor William A. Wilson has been my MDVIP Primary Care Physician since 2007.

Doctor William A. Wilson has been my MDVIP Primary Care Physician since 2007. He became my hero when he rescued me from a business trip medical emergency 1000 miles from home. I had just completed business meetings and was walking out of the headquarters building when I experienced excruciating back pain when my back muscle spasm almost caused me to almost pass out and fall in the hall way. Fortunately, I was traveling with an associate who took my briefcase and helped me to a seat in the lobby where I called Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson listened to the description of my injury, confirmed that I had help with someone to drive, directed me to a pharmacy that was a mile away and asked me to call him back when I arrived at the pharmacy. Within minutes of arriving at the pharmacy and calling back Dr. Wilson, I had medications to help relieve the pain, relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. We were then off to the airport where a valet met me with a wheel chair, took care of my suitcase and got me to my gate in time for my flight. The pain was now manageable for the flight home. The next morning Dr. Wilson examined me and coordinated x-rays, MRI, appointment with a Neurologist and a Neurosurgeon. The cause of this emergency was a herniated disc. A segment of this disc broke off and lodged against the sciatic nerve leading to my left leg. A conservative medical approach of Physical Therapy, Cortisone shots and exercise resolved the injury without surgery. He is my hero and is now also the MDVIP for my wife. Dr. Wilson is very intelligent, compassionate and a resourceful physician. He has an extraordinary support staff that makes his practice truly exceptional. Thank You Dr. Wilson