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Feb 23, 2014

Member: John

Doctor Rating: 5

My experience with Dr. Holgerson goes back some 27 years.

My experience with Dr. Holgerson goes back some 27 years. He was actually my first doctor in my adult life and it was my life that he saved.I had never had any physical problems in my life and therefore never had a physician. At 48 I had an angioplasty procedure and I was still experiencing what I believed to be chest pain from my heart. The angioplasty had gone so well and simply that I could not believe that I was well. After several stress tests my cardiologist told me I had the heart of a sixteen year old and he asked me who my doctor was. Dr. Holgerson was recommended by a dear friend of his and mine and in one visit he listened,diagnosed and sent me home for the weekend to try a medication he recommended. He told me to call him on Monday and see if I felt better. On Monday I reported that I felt much better. It probably sounds simple that I was suffering from Gerd but to me it was a life saver. I really felt that I was on the way to a fatal heart episode. I'm now much older but Dr. Holgerson still looks a young as when I first met him. Thank you Doctor Bill for all you have done for my health and well being.