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Feb 24, 2014

Member: David

Doctor Rating: 5

My wife and I both received this email, so I will respond for both of us.

My wife and I both received this email, so I will respond for both of us. We have been patients of Dr. Downing since he opened his practice here in Glen Burnie, Md several years ago. Our previous doctor had retired and recommended that we try Dr. Downing. What we found was a doctor who seemed to genuinely care about his patients, was easy to talk to, and who would take the time to listen to what you had to say concerning your ailment or problem. He is very thorough in explaining to you what your problem is, in language that you can understand, and finding a satisfactory resolution. He has carried these excellent traits from day one right on through his joining MDVIP. We believe that his involvement with MDVIP has not only been good for him, but for us as patients as well. The added tools he now has plus the extensive testing performed during our yearly evaluations is better for us all. As an example, my total cholesterol has always been a bit on the high side. However, my HDL number was very high and my LDL number borderline. Dr. Downing and I talked about this and did not feel that any medication was needed at the time because of the big difference, for the better, between the HDL and LDL numbers. However, during my MDVIP annual exam and testing, which is much more in depth than anything I have had before, my cholesterol breakdown indicated that I had a maker that could present a problem. Dr. Downing was quick to thoroughly explain that even though my HDL was still good and high and that my LDL levels had improved, he thought because of this marker that I should start a low dose regimen of Atorvastatan as a precaution, which I have done. Thanks to his keen eye and the in depth testing a possible problem has been identified and dealt with. This is but one example of how Dr. Downing gets right to the heart of the matter and makes and explains the decisions to possibly ward off future problems. In conclusion, my wife and I look forward to maintaining a long and healthy relationship with Dr. Downing.