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Feb 26, 2014

Member: Tammy

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Steve Smith has been a blessing to my whole family.

Dr. Steve Smith has been a blessing to my whole family. I was the first patient to enroll in my family during a time when my current PCP couldn't fit me in and had referred me to go to the ER. As a healthcare professional, I knew this was not the most appropriate level of care for what I needed. I enrolled as a patient and was seen on the same day and diagnostics tests were ordered to confirm what we suspected, kidney stones. Dr. Smith personally made the arrangements for me to be seen by a specialist the same day. I ended up having surgery to remove the stone several days later after conservative methods were unsuccessful. During this time, Dr. Smith frequently checked up on me and my recovery. What I realized through this period, was how different my healthcare was handled and how I personally felt about taking care of myself. It was time. I now had a partner in my healthcare. Dr Smith was not only my doctor, but a trusted friend and coach. My initial wellness exam had multiple areas of improvement needed. My labs had more red than green and I was overweight. Through my relationship with Dr Smith, I have lost weight, turned all the red lab values to green and ran my first half marathon and completed a mud obstacle race! This is a success story, especially since a year ago, I was over weight and was not a runner or any other kind of athlete! Needless to say, I have shared my success with anyone that will listen, including my husband, daughter, mother, sister, brother-in-law, several colleagues at work and now all of them are patients of Dr. Smith. Thank you Dr. Smith for all you do for me and my family. You are a blessing to us!