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Mar 16, 2014

Member: Linda

Doctor Rating: 5

I had just started with Dr Pang when she made the switch to MDVIP.

I had just started with Dr Pang when she made the switch to MDVIP. I dont usually fill out surveys and do not have a computer at home but I am going out of my way to fill this one out, because I have a theory that usually unhappy people usually fill out surveys. I am not unhappy at all. I never considered not going with Dr Pang and I have learned alot from her in the time that she has been my physician. I have never had a physician I did not feel was qualified I like good Doctors. I had a hard time leaving my last one but I am glad now I did. Dr Pang really cares and because like attracts like she also has an awesome staff. I have never have a hard time getting worked in when I am sick. Which is vital for my job I need a Dr to see me when I am sick they will not accept a nurse or nurse practioner. Or a phone call to a physician I have to see a physician to prove I am sick. That is a lot of pressure. I have become very fond of the entire staff. Dr Pang really went out of her way for me and found a weight loss program and got me into it even though it is really a study for Hawaiian Women and I am not Hawaiian, they also accept others and she found a place for me. I love the people there and would never have tried in a thousand years to join that alone. I havent lost much weight because it was a difficult year. I lost my beloved Dad who was my rock and always had my back. Dr Pang helped me understand the process as he passed away and I will never be able to repay that debt. I miss my Dad every day and think of him often but I am dealing with the emotional pain in more ways than feeding my body with whatever I want. Which would have been my m. o. before. I still need to lose weight but I am more conscious about what I put in my body. My portions and my exercise routine need massive improvement but thanks to Dr Pang and others in my life who help me get by I do not feel as exposed as I initaially did when I lost my Dad. I will miss my Dad until I too pass but for now Dr Pang is there to have my back. I really appreciate that...she really is a terrific Dr. and an even finer human being I am grateful.