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Mar 29, 2015

Member: Dorinda Dee

Doctor Rating: 5

Dr. Julie Fox defies description.

Dr. Julie Fox defies description. Even when I am well, she makes time to call to be sure that I am doing well. When my mom was critically and painfully ill and dying, Dr. Fox called me at least once a week to be sure that I was taking care of myself and to ask if there was any contact or help she could provide me for my mom. She MADE me come in to the office to have my BP checked and blood work taken to be sure that the enormous stress was not taking its toll on me. She has always been available, even when taking a very few days for a cruise vacation. She was reachable, by international cell phone, and responded to me within 20 minutes of my call when I was sick. She is thorough, she is gentle, she is an expert diagnostician and she is so very funny when the occasion arises. I LOVE HER. It has been very hard, financially, for me to afford MDVIP but Dr. Fox is worth every penny.