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Mar 10, 2016

Member: Steven

Doctor Rating: 5

I am so thankful to have Dr Watren as my physician.

I have been a patient of Dr Watren since 2001, before he joined MDVIP. I joined MDVIP so I wouldn't have to change physicians. I respect his knowledge. and trust his diagnosis and treatment. His office staff Denise, Donna and Eileen are always great, pleasant to talk to and willing to take time to speak with you over the phone. Recently I had a foot infection, I called the office and was seen right away. I was given antibiotics and an appointment for a recheck after the weekend. Dr Watren sent me to a foot surgeon immediately and from there I was sent to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately the surgeon picked a hospital where Dr Watren was not on staff. Dr Watren himself called me almost every day I was in the Hospital and after my discharge. His judgment was key in me getting treated right away. I have numerous health issues, due to a compromised immune system. There is no way I could wait a week or two to see a physician not in MDVIP. He has worked wonders in keeping me in the best of health, and in fact has told me to come in right away when there is a problem. I credit Dr Watren for giving me a quality of life. Without him I'm not sure where I would be, maybe not even alive. It's a great feeling when you can trust your Dr completely and just focus on getting well. I feel I am getting the best care possible and I am so thankful to have Dr Watren as my physician.