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Mar 12, 2016

Member: Suzette

Doctor Rating: 5

he called back in just a few minutes

Several years ago I was in the hospital with a very severe case of pneumonia at approximately 930 at night the attending physician came in and said it was his recommendation that I have a bronchoscopy the next day. I did not want to have the procedure without Talking to Dr. Leff. After my friend placed a call to him he called back in just a few minutes while the attending physician was still in the room. What a relief. Had I not gotten the immediate call back and gone ahead with the procedure it could have been a couple of days before it could've been scheduled and at that point I probably would've been placed on the respirator as they had warned me that it was very possible that I would come out of the procedure on respirator. I was hospitalized for 15 days.

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