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Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Barbara, CO May 20, 2016

Several years ago I became very ill and twice in less than a year my husband found me unconscious in our master bathroom. After two ambulance rides to the ER and specialists doing all kinds of tests and coming up with nothing, Dr. Dunn pursued the issue with another doctor/friend. They found 3 endometrial type tumors wrapped around the outside of my colon. I would have died from the constriction of my colon had he not continued to look for the problem. Most recently, I thought my Husband had a chest cold we got a chest x-ray and went in to see Dr. Dunn, the X-ray was clear, knowing my husband well Dr. Dunn did an EKG which showed him something he did not like, so right then and there Dr. Dunn put him in a wheelchair and wheeled him to Porter's ER where he ended up being checked in and had a double bypass 3 days later. We can now say that Dr. Dunn has saved BOTH our lives and we would never change doctors for anything. He is not only our doctor he, his wonderful wife and their staff have become very dear to us.

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Michael Dunn, MD, FAAFP

Velma, CO Mar 8, 2016

I appreciate many things about Dr Dunn, but the fact that he doesnt give up on what is causing me not to feel well, he tries different things until i am 100 better. I also know even after hours i can contact him if i need to. I feel comfortable talking to him about anything going on with myself , and his staff is always nice to me,ashley is gentle in drawing blood and other things. I wouldnt know what to do if i wasnt seeing Dr Dunn ,he has kept me feeling well,even with all my health problems, its really hard to find a Dr like him. Many thanks Dr Dunn Sincerely your favorite

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