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Caroline, MA Feb 23, 2014

At age 46, I've been a patient of Dr Goldberg for 8 years. I've had a few unexpected and major medical conditions happen since I joined MDVIP (such as back surgery and 2 hip replacements). And Dr. Goldberg was extremely accessible and quickly connected me to the best specialists for treatment. I attribute my current good health and ability to still ride my horses to the relationship I have with my doctor.

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Sylvia, MA Feb 9, 2014

I called Dr. Goldberg at 6:00 AM complaining of a very painful and strangely colored (bright mauve) right arm. With quite a bit of force in his voice, he said, You'd better get yourself to the ER immediately, you could lose that arm! WOW, that made an impression and, with that frightening note, I got myself to the ER within 10 minutes of that call. It was a 4-inch blood clot on my right shoulder ready to break loose and do all sorts of very serious danger to the rest of my body. Am I glad that he takes calls so early in the morning. Thank you, Dr. Goldberg.

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Lawrence, MA Feb 9, 2014

whilr I have known Dr. Goldberg for only about 18 months , I have been impressed with his medical knowledge , willingness to listen and to propose a plan , going forward. He came with high recommendations from fellow practitioners which are proving accurate. I look forward to many years as him being my primary care MD.

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jim, MA Feb 7, 2014

Dr Goldberg motivated me to lose 30lbs to avoid some health issues . he did it logically and with data. I much appreciate his personalized , caring fact based approach.

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Abigail, MA Feb 6, 2014

Dr. William Goldberg has been my personal doctor since 2008 in the Boston area. This experience has been the most comfortable ever to have with a primary doctor. His professional manner along with warm friendship and honesty have made all my medical experiences quick and easy. It's like having a trusted family member always there looking out for my best interest in health. And his staff have been extraordinary on all levels of service.

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Charles Feb 4, 2013

Dr. Goldberg has been very supportive of my health needs.

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