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Terry Holster, MD

Amber, TX May 2, 2014

My former physician's office was a mess! It was nearly impossible to get same day appointments, lab results were never reported, and the office staff was just plain grumpy. While I really liked her as a physician when I could get in the room with her, the chaos of the practice left me looking for another solution. The final straw was when a malignant result was not reported to me for over a week, even though it was written in the report that the pathologist had reported the result to her the day after the biopsy. For anyone who has had to wait on a biopsy, the wait can be agonizing. I realized that I needed to hasten my search for a new physician. A friend recommended Dr. Holster to me. At first, the thought of paying an annual fee was hard to accept, but I came to realize that my health needed to priority. While I have not been with Dr. Holster long, as he just transitioned to MDVIP, I have been so pleased with the level of service that I have received. A phone call to his office was all that was needed to get lab tests ordered. Dr. Holster then called back in less than 48 hours with the results and suggested some dosage changes based on the test results. We ended the phone call in agreement that labs would be drawn again in a month or two. MDVIP allows physicians to cut their patient load substantially. That in turn allows patients more time with their physicians. I am so thankful to finally be getting quality medical care from a physician who has the time to practice medicine in the way it was intended to be practiced.

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