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Patricia Estrada, MD, FAAFP

Maureen, LA Feb 21, 2015

When I initially met Dr. Estrada, I was impressed by how caring she is. I remember when Dr. Estrada first told me she was looking into the possibility of affiliating with MDVIP. She said that she believed it was the type of health care relationship she would have wanted for her own parents. This resonated with me because she makes a patient feel like a treasured family friend. She is supportive and I believe the condition of my health truly matters to her. I never leave a visit to Dr. Estrada's office that I don't feel confident about the things I'm doing to maintain good health and inspired to do even better. In today's world of medicine where I often hear people say they were sick but couldn't get a timely appointment with their family and had to visit an immediate care facility, Dr. Estrada is a gift.

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