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mark, WA Mar 1, 2014

Most thorough and upto date gp i have been with. Just started vipmd and have beginning of annual wellness checkup next week

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Mike and Glenda, WA Feb 17, 2014

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Ling for over 15 years, so when he became a MDVIP doctor we followed him. he always took time to hear us when we had a problem, but now he even has more time to help us. When my husband had new problem over the hollidays and Dr. Ling was half a world away on vacation he took time to answer his phone and listen to the new symptems and call in new medication to help him. We chose Dr. Ling in the first place for his carring of his patients but now he is able to even do more for all his patients.

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Joe and Lori Oct 23, 2012

This is from my family. Dr. Stanley Ling is the best physician, bar none; my family has ever had. He has a wellness outlook for each patient that is long term for their health and well being. He never fails to ask about any other health or life issues before our appointment is over. He has a great memory for past medical issues and how they relate to our current concerns. He is on time and gives every patient the time they need to address their health concerns in detail. His manner is friendly, open and direct. I have every confidence in having my and my family’s health in Dr. Ling’s hands. His care for us over the years has been nothing short of superb. His office staff is friendly and attentive and there are never issues with billing or insurance.

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Joe and Lori Oct 17, 2012

Dr. Stanley Ling is the best physician my family has had, bar none. His care and attention to detail about his patients is superior to anyone else we have seen. He is very proactive about not just the concern of our appointment but for future needs and health issues. He has a long term view of healthcare for his patients. He never fails to ask if there are other problems we are facing besides what brought us to his office that day. His whole body and health approach to care reassures us that we are getting the best care possible.

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Dennis and Riley Aug 23, 2012

Dear Dr. Ling: Thank you so much for your medical assistance when we were in the Tri-Cities. We have been members of MDVIP for many years and have always appreciated the personal attention we receive at home. It was a huge relief to find that MDVIP works when we are out of town. We were amazed by your immediate & compassionate help. It is so scary to have a health issue far from home, but you stepped in and treated us like your own patient. You went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. We greatly appreciate your efforts. You are a wonderful doctor and a terrific representative for MDVIP. Many, Many, Thanks! Dennis & Riley 8-4-12

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