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Rick L. Jackson, MD

lola, WA Feb 14, 2015

Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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Rick L. Jackson, MD

Angela, WA Feb 9, 2015

My family and I have been with Dr. Jackson for several years. Unfortunately we have several major health issues that we have had to deal with during this time. Dr. Jackson has always listened to our opinions and concerns, always explains his recommended course of treatment or his reasons for referring to a specialist, answers our questions, and ultimately lets us make the decisions for our care. Having chronic pain conditions (FMS/CFS, Degenerative disk disease w/ a fusion, Depression, Anxiety) for a long time has required many visits to doctors over the years. In addition, a diagnosis of breast cancer on Valentine's Day 2013 has had me in more doctor appointments than I ever thought possible in a two year period of time. So I've seen my fair share of doctors. And unlike most, Dr. Jackson is never dismissive and is always supportive, as frustrating as it may be (for both of us!). My husband has many auto-immune issues, stemming from his time in the military, and Dr. Jackson treats him with the same care and understanding, as well. We moved to the other side of town a couple years ago, but still go to see Dr. Jackson. Also, we are both on SSDI, only in our mid-40's, have one child left at home, and don't have the disposable income we were used to having when we were both working, but we joined MDVIP simply because we love Dr. Jackson so much and couldn't imagine what our life would be like without him in it! We are so lucky to have found a great doctor and a great clinic!

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