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Martin J. Weiss, MD

Mary, AR Jan 16, 2017

Because God could not be everywhere, He, made sure that we have amazing physicians, like Dr. Marty Weiss. My Mom and I have been his patient for the past 10 plus years. All his patients are truly blessed when they cross paths with his wonderful treatment, phenomenal expertise, and loving kindness! Dr. Weiss' endless optimism truly makes all his patients believe in their recovery. He is always willing to listen attentively to all your concerns, worries, and questions. His bedside manner is over the TOP of any chart. My Mom and I have an unbelievable physician and lifelong friend with Dr. Weiss. We always count Dr. Weiss as part of our family. In conclusion, before saying that he is an extraordinary physician, Dr. Weiss is foremost an extraordinary human being! He is simply The BEST of the BEST!!

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Martin J. Weiss, MD

Jo, TN Mar 7, 2016

Dr. Weiss always take the time to listen to any concerns that I may have regarding my health. When I had knee surgery in 2015, it was him that came every morning to check on my progress for that day. He looked at my chart daily and it was him that discovered my blood count was low. I needed a blood transfusion. The surgeon that replaced my knee didn't see me while I was in the hospital until the day I was discharged. Dr. Weiss displays a sincere concern for the welfare of his patients.

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Martin J. Weiss, MD

Joyce, TN Feb 23, 2015

Dr. Martin Weiss is one of the most caring and thorough doctors I have ever had. He never treats me like he is anxious to get on to the next patient. I can tell he is actually listening to me by the way he responds. I have a very busy schedule and he often works me into his very busy schedule on short notice. He always reports test results to me as soon as they are available to him. When my sister's husband was terminally ill following surgery, he was unbelievably compassionate toward my sister and the rest of the family. He took time with her that he could have used doing other things I'm sure. In fewer words, he is everything anyone would want in their primary physician.

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Martin J. Weiss, MD

Diane, MS Feb 6, 2015

Dr. Weiss has been my primary care physician for 10 years. He has blessed me and my family with his caring concern and expertise. We used to call him the midnight doctor because he would visit our dad at the hospital at the end of his busy day. I appreciate having a doctor who knows my name and health status.

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