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Joe & Carol, MD Mar 28, 2017

Dr. Benjamin: We would like to thank you for taking such good care of us and showing us much concern when we were ill.We certainly will miss you but you deserve to have some free time to enjoy yourself & family. Happy Doctor's Day!

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Diana, MD Mar 14, 2016

He has been my Dr for over 40 years. And he can be my Dr for as long as he can. He is very thorough and very personable. Wouldn't change a thing...

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david, MD Feb 23, 2015

Within the last two years I've experienced an increase of medical problems. Dr. Benjamin and his staff have been outstanding in helping deal with various issues. I've been able to get appointments very quickly,often the same day. My wait time in the waiting room has always been very short. Dr. Benjamin has been extremely helpful in either diagnosing the problem or getting me to a specialist if need be. He spends as much time is needed and then often has a consult with me in his office. If a test is called for and results sent to his office, he calls me asap with his report. Dr. Benjamin will often call me as a follow up to see how I'm doing. Staying with Dr Benjamin and MDVIP has been the best thing I could do for my health.I often recommend him to my friends.

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Carol, MD Feb 7, 2015

My husband & I have been very pleased with the care we have received from Dr. Benjamin & his staff. Recently I had the flu followed by pneumonia, & I got worse instead of better after 2 weeks. Dr. Benjamin called me everyday checking on me to see if I was improving. I really appreciated those calls. If we are ill, we can usually get an appointment that day or they fit us in during their lunch time. We could not ask for any better care.My husband has a lot of medical problems, & everytime he has needed a specialist, Dr. Benjamin has always referred him to the best. Thank you & Happy Dr.s Day!

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Stephanie, MD Feb 25, 2014

Dr Benjamin is our VIPMD! My husband and I live in a rural area on the Eastern shore of Maryland. For us, it's reassuring to know that he is there for us 24/7. He's a very knowledgable, caring Physician. Plus, our daughter lives in Fl and we visit her as often as possible. Knowing that the MDVIP program is available througthout the State, is a good thing.

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William and Clara, MD Feb 23, 2014

Having Dr. Benjamin as our personal physician has been a wonderful experience. Knowing he is just a phone call away is truly comforting. Scheduling appointments is convenient and his staff reflects his interest in your well-being. Of utmost importance to us, is understanding the results of tests. Dr. Benjamin takes the time to explain them thoroughly, demonstrating his knowledge regarding our personal health issues. He is a good friend and his competence is invaluable.

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Muriel, MD Feb 20, 2014

Dr. Benjamin has impressed me as a physician who genuinely wants to help people, and not only those who can afford a concierge doctor. He has volunteered his time to be on the Board of the local aging-in-place organization called HomePorts. He truly believes in improving the lives of older adults, often those who have little income and many health and social problems. Our public services are weak in this rural area, which makes his work even more valuable. He is fighting for quality health care from our local hospital as chairman of the physicians board there, a very important and challenging task. He should also be commended for voluntarily helping an indigent elderly woman who I help care for, when she had no other health care. He is remarkable and much appreciated!!!!

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judy, MD Feb 19, 2014

Dr. Benjamin is always there when I need him!!! He has made a lot of house calls for my kids and myself. I hope he continues MDVIP forever!!! Thank you....

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Joan, MD Feb 18, 2014

Through MDVIP, I found Dr. Benjamin. He is wonderful, he listens, he is thorough, his office staff is wonderful and he found a heart abnormality with me and most likely saved my life. Thank you Dr. Benjamin!

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Joseph & Carol, MD Feb 16, 2014

My husband & I would like to thank Dr. Benjamin for all he has done & continues to do for us. He is very caring, available at all times & takes his time with us when we are in the office. He has always been right with his diagnosis & has always referred us to the best specialist when needed. We especially appreciate his followups by calling us at home to give us results or to check if we are feeling any better. Also the office is very accommodating in making appointments. Happy Doctor's Day!

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dennis, MD Feb 15, 2014

Dr. Benjamin has demonstrated a very thorough approach to me as a patient. He has been persistent in his approach. And he spends the required time to explain all of the medical test results

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vernon, MD Feb 8, 2014


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