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Kay, VA Mar 15, 2016

She is kind, compassionate, & caring. Always ends an appointment by making me feel glad I spent the time with her. (Good decision to ask for an appointment.)

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Joe, VA Feb 12, 2015

Dr. Randolph has been an outstanding doctor before and during her association with MDVIP.

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Mike, VA Feb 12, 2015

I am a 77 yr. old male who has battled cancer eight different times in my life, had three joint replacements; tests, too numerous to mention along with an ongoing eye condition from age 41. As you can imagine, I have no veins left to draw blood, and every stick is an ordeal for the technicians and me. To my relief, when I recently joined Dr. Randolph's practice, I met at my first (dreaded) blood draw Nurse Jean who was successful at the first try, painless, and amazing! Thank you!

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Beverley, VA Mar 8, 2014

I had not seen a doctor in 30 years. Dr. Randolph welcomed me without criticism. She has been caring and helpful every time I have seen her. Never makes me feel rushed nor my concerns unimportant. Thank you Dr. Randolph!!

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Edward, VA Mar 4, 2014

Dr. Randolph has always provided personal healthcare for my wife and I in a professional and caring way. She is thoughtful, thorough, and personable. Recently, she has been especially helpful in recommending cancer imaging tests and proactively speaking with the radiologist and then calling us to discuss the results and next steps in understandable language.

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Myrna, VA Mar 1, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Randolph since 2003, my husband Paul became her patient in 2005. I am sorry that we are late with this testimony, as we were vacationing with limited internet access. Dr. Randolph has been instrumental in guiding us toward a healthier lifestyle. We have modified our diet, and we have both lost weight, and we have committed to a regular exercise program. When medical issues have occurred, Dr. Randolph has answered our emergencies within minutes. Her diagnoses and care have been accurate and comforting. We are extremely grateful for her referrals and her concern for our health.

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Eugenia, VA Feb 25, 2014

I became a patient of Dr. Randolph's when she started her MDVIP practice, and I have never regretted it. She communicates with my oncologist, my cardiologist and my gynecologist and keeps all of my medical history in one place. I can always get an appointment when I need one, and she will spend as much time with me as I need. She listens, and she remembers! She personally calls with test results, and she is available by cell phone 24/7. She is both friendly and professional

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Karla, VA Feb 25, 2014

Dr Randolph is an amazing skilled physician. She genuinely cares about her patients and always strives to give them the best treatment possible. She researches to offer the best advice. When I had surgery and ended up with a C Diff, the oncologist wanted a test to verify it had cleared up, but Dr. Randolph, who was very educated on this, informed both of us that there was no use in taking the test at that point because it was too early for accurate results. In addition to being so capable, Dr Randolph always finds time to listen to her patients and fit them into her schedule. When planning appointments, She schedules enough time and always encourages you to share any concerns you have about your health. When my son went to the ER for a concussion and brain bleed, Dr. Randolph saw him in her office the day he came home from the hospital, fitting him in at the end of the day, so she could spend plenty of time with him without inconveniencing her prescheduled clients. Dr. Randolph even set up my son's neurologist appointment for him only days later, despite normal appointment waiting times of weeks for that doctor. Also, when my family had been exposed to scabies and symptoms broke out Sunday morning, Dr. Randolph saw us on that same Sunday so we could start the treatment that night. Dr. Randolph is wonderful with treating my husband and myself, and is also excellent with our two sons who are 21 and 23. I am grateful that she is their physician to counsel them on intimate issues that they don't always desire to discuss with parents at this age. I am confident that not only with her expertise as a physician, but that with her concern for young adults as a mother of children this age, she conveys concerns that I have to my young adult males. With her positive, non judgmental focus, yet personable relationship with her patients, I know my boys are in the best care possible. Dr. Randolph is a life coach partnering with my husband and I and inspires us to develop an attainable plan to live healthy lives. She recently made us both aware of our long term diabetes threat and counseled us on increasing our exercise and decreasing our sugar intake, then monitored us and rejoiced with us as our numbers declined from 6.0 to 5.8 over six months. Dr. Randolph is a phenomenal doctor and my family is blessed and privileged to be her patients.

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Mattie, VA Feb 24, 2014

When Dr. Randolph informed her patients that she was affiliating with MDVIP , I knew I had only one way to go, and that was to find the necessary funds because I could not afford to lose contact with my doctor. She has been and continues to be an unusually caring and patient person as well as physician. She has allowed me to prolong her day in order to seek help or solutions to problems that required others to whom she would direct me. Because she carefully observed me and studied my records from her files and those shared by other doctors who treat me, she has made me aware of existing conditions that could have caused problems, some very serious, if not recognized and treated.

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Margaret, VA Feb 23, 2014

Dr. Randolph is one of the best doctors,always available to help. I love that Dr. Randolph gives you as much time to talk with her and is always helpful. My husband and I think she is the best. Thanks for being our Doctor.

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Louise, VA Feb 19, 2014

From the first time I went to Dr. Randolph I knew she was the doctor for me. She took the time to really listen and was not judgemental. She has always recommended good specialists and I feel she really cares about her patients. Her office staff is the best and always very accommodating.

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Charles, VA Feb 19, 2014

My heart seemed fine; I never saw, That I suffered from a clogging flaw. Yet Dr. Randolph's skill, I can't abjure, Sensed the problem, began the cure. A brilliant mind, no shirk or hand-off, Makes a wonderful healer---Dr. Randolph.

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