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John, SC Mar 28, 2017

Thank you for your total caring for both Kathie and I. I know I have not been an easy patient, but YOU MAKE A TOTAL DIFFERENCE,Enjoy retirement and the grandchildren, fishing and boasting. You have earned this time!

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Miguel Apr 21, 2016

Dr. Trotter has been my internist for over a decade. What can I say, he saved me from serious heart complications and unnecessary surgery. In both instances it was due to his tenacity and knowledge.

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Odessa, SC Mar 18, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Trotter for a couple of decades plus. I feel at home, comfortable and confident every time I have an appointment.

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Sam, SC Feb 27, 2014

I am very fortunate to have Rob Trotter as my physician. It gives me peace of mind that I can get Rob when I need him. I never feel like I am bothering him, and that is very valuable. He is quick to get me help when needed, and this gives me confidence that he will handle any critical situation should it arise.The anticipation of possibly being seriously ill is less intimidating knowing I will have the medical support I may need. Cheers for the great staff too!

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Joanne, SC Feb 24, 2014

I would not go to any other doctor for primary care. dr. Trotter has been my personal physcian for years and I am extremely happy with his services. With major medical problems, Dr trotter has referred me to some excellent specialist over the past five years. I would be lost without his services. Thank you dr. Trotter.

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patricia, SC Feb 20, 2014

always approachable -easy to talk to -always pleasant

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William, SC Feb 19, 2014

Unlike some unlucky families, ours has always had a family doctor. When I was about 6 years old (~1948), I remember our family doctors Dr. Gerald J. Rankins coming to our home in Cleveland OH to diagnose me as having the measles. My main concern was whether or not I needed a shot. Fortunately, I did not need one; I was to stay inside, with shades and drapes drawn, to protect my eyes. (I still remember the darkened living room.) As compensation, I was allowed to stay up extra-late to listen to the radio, which carried such shows as Amos and Andy, The Lone Ranger, The Jack Benny Program and so on. It was a real treat being able to stay up after 8 PM to listen to several of these radio shows, in the days before the now-ubiquitous TV. And I remember Dr. Rankin, who was our familys doctor for decades before he finally retired when I was about 10. He was revered as a man of knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Rankin also delivered babies (me included) and operated (he removed my tonsils and adenoids when I was about 5). About the time he retired, the tradition of the family doctors doing obstetrics and surgery was retired, too. After Dr. Rankin came Dr. Joseph Bauer, a refugee from behind The Iron Curtain Yugoslavia, to be exact. On the few occasions that Dr. Bauer had to come to see me, he was never in a hurry. In fact, after taking care of me, he and my dad would sit in our living room and carry on a conversation in their Slavic tongues my dad speaking in Slovak, Dr. Bauer speaking in Serbo-Croatian languages that were similar enough that they understood each other completely and enjoyed the opportunity to use their Mother Tongues! When Dr. Bauer retired, my mother soon found a newly coined internist, Dr. Frederick R. Schnell, who was her (and the familys) doctor from the mid-1950s until my mothers death in 1975 (and my fathers death in 1978). Dr. Schnell, though he didnt make house calls, or do obstetrics or surgery, was the quintessential family doctor who was revered by us and the staff where he worked (his office and the now-shuttered Deaconess Hospital in Cleveland). I didnt find anyone comparable to Drs. Rankin, Bauer or Schnell until I moved to Hilton Head Island in 1988, when I had the good fortune to pick Dr. Trotter as my new doctor, and he has been my family doctor since. His tenure in that position is now longer (for me) than anyone elses 26 years and counting. He has been a steady hand at the helm of my healthcare. God knows Im a bit of a hypochondriac, but Dr. Trotter always gently sets me straight when I drift too far from center. Like Drs. Rankin, Bauer and Schnell, he is a man of knowledge and wisdom and I appreciate having him as the excellent head of my healthcare team!

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John & Linda, SC Feb 18, 2014

We have been with Dr. Trotter for most of a year. We have been most pleased with the immediate availability of service by Dr. Trotter and his office. His treatment has been most satisfactory and if we need specialized treatment he makes all the arrangements for such needs. As we spend summers in Pennsylvania it is a tremendous comfort to know he will forward records if needed to doctors there. In the increasing uncertainty of the medical situation today it is a wonderful comfort to have the warm family relationship with Dr. Trotter.

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william, SC Feb 17, 2014

I debated joining MDVIP. I decided Dr. Trotter was too important to my health to go anywhere else. And I have been rewarded. Not only does he watch over me on a regular basis but also he receives reports from specialists I see either regularly or in special cases. He reacts to my concerns and ALWAYS goes the extra mile to make certain that I take all necessary diagnostic steps and see all specialists required to get the proper diagnosis. And he has caught indications that other of my doctors have missed. HE IS WHAT HEALTH CARE IS ALL ABOUT!!!

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Bill, SC Feb 11, 2014

Dr. ROB has been the physician of choice by several members of my immediate family over the past 20+ years..and he's always been there for us when we've had an emergency or needed to see him immediately..plus he has a fantastic easy-going personality & manner..knows & enjoys practicing his profession..and even speaks when you see him out in the community. I like him so much I gave him a special edition of a Beach Boys CD I liked, which he actually likes & plays. And, he's kept me well for the past seven years I've lived in the Hilton Head area..plud I like that his office is close and well-decorated in a nice soothing residential/beach decor done by his wife. Thanks Doctor Rob..and as the Beach Boys would sing..hope you will be my physician Til I Die!

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David, SC Feb 10, 2014

Doctor Trotter, you've got a special day And there is one thing we'd really like to say. We could look North, South, East or West, But you're the one that we like the best. We wish you health, wealth, and happiness through the years And send you or love along with our cheers.

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Foster, SC Feb 9, 2014

Dr. Trotter has a wonderful bedside manner when dealing with me. He is very kind, thorough, but underneath it all firm. He is working hard with me to help me get healthier in every way. First by holding me accountable especially for my weight loss and control program. We are working and succeeding on a very focused basis to lose weight in a way that I will keep it off. Guess what it is working, I feel great, clothes fit and people are noticing the difference. This is a 1-2# per week maximum based not on diet, but healthy eating and consistent exercise. I canon wait to see him this week for our quarterly accountability meeting so he can see the results too! On another note, he might have saved my life b=y diagnosing my thyroid cancer during an annual check up. He sent me to the right specialists and they identified the cancer and I haas my thyroid removed. It was cancerous, but no spread of the disease after treatment. Thanks Bob for all the care and comfort that you give Carol and me!!

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