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Kris Armstrong, MD

Homer, OK Feb 22, 2015

I had an injury at work because it being work related I was to go a Dr of the company after many injections I was told I needed to have surgery,when I rejected to have surgery the Dr I was seeing dropped my case as well as the company so I went to my family dr.Dr Armstrong not only cared for me but went to the very extreme to turn my life around not only did I not have surgery but live well and healthy my weight is down my body in top shape and I feel better than I have ever thank u Dr Armstrong for your love for medicine and your patiences

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Kris Armstrong, MD

Terry, OK Feb 20, 2015

After having two older Drs that retired on me i was looking for a younger one. We justs happen to be playing basketball and me and this guy had a few words about a foul called, then they said who he was and I said he's my age that's just what I'm looking for and I met him under better terms we had a laugh and he's been my dr for over 30 years. I like him because he's an athlete so he would know what my bodies going through and understand. We both have the same problems with our knees so I don't have to explain hardly anything and he knows where I'm going with it. Now under this new plan he's even more on closer terms as a patient sees it.

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Kris Armstrong, MD

michael w, OK Feb 13, 2015

doc you are a great guy

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Kris Armstrong, MD

Barbara G & Robert L, OK Mar 21, 2014

My Husband Robert L. and I are new to MDVIP so we do not have a lot to say about this new way of Healthcare! The one thing we would like to say we have been with Dr. Armstrong for several years and like him very much that is the reason we stayed with Dr. Armstrong! Never had a problem with Appointments he always took time never felt like being rushed always took time to talk things over! My Husband and I are in our middle seventies and so far have been Blessed with pretty good Health but even with that it is good to have a Dr. that is there for you when you need them and we found that in Dr. Armstrong! Thank you!

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Kris Armstrong, MD

Marie, OK Feb 12, 2014

I appreciate the health care that Dr. Armstrong give me. I have received the best annual checkup that I have received this year. I thank Dr. Armstrong for the time he shares with me and the way he explains the care that I need. Thank you Dr. Armstrong for being there for me. God Bless

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