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L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Norman, VA Feb 12, 2015

Annual physical very thorough and more extensive than I have had before.

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L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

George, VA Mar 26, 2014

We first met Dr. Chisholm in 1976 and he has been our family physician for 38 years. He has been through the birth of our two (out of 3) children and seen us through the usual milestones of vaccinations, physicals, and illnesses. We consider him a friend as well as our doctor. We value his wisdom and counsel and have every confidence in him and his ability to manage our care for many more years. His bedside manner is superior. He is the reason we chose to participate in the MDVIP program and it is our goal to continue that relationship.

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L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Peter, Chester, VA Feb 19, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Chisholm for well over 30 years and feel that he has not only been my doctor but a true friend not only to me but also to my family. He has always been reachable to all of us whenever needed. I feel a real bond with this physician and respect his dedication not only to me but to the practice of medicene. I know the ways of medicene has changed over the years but with Dr. Chisholm you still get that feeling as if he had come to the house and treated you.

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