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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Betsy, FL Jun 3, 2015

I have been seeing Dr. Chen since before she became an MDVIP physician. The care I received from her prior to her switch was the main reason in my decision to continue with her. Dr. Chen has always taken an interest in me as a person. I never felt rushed with her, and felt comfortable in discussing anything I needed addressed. She has worked with me on many health issues from fibromyalgia, breast cancer, and arthritis. She had always exhibit a caring, professional attitude. Now as an MDVIP physician, I continue to receive excellent care from her. Bottom line, Dr. Chen is a physician for all the right reasons!!!

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Joe, FL Mar 12, 2015

Dr. Chen is the best. She understands the patient needs and offers great advice to support their health. When I moved to Hawaii, she arranged visits when I was able to travel back to Pensacola. I now live in Georgia and she continues to be my doctor.

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Joseph, FL Feb 14, 2015

She has kept me on the GREEN SIDE and HEALTHY

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

Celia, FL Feb 11, 2015

I have been going to Dr. Chen for the past ten years. I went three times then didn't go back for three years because I wasn't sick. One of my sons went to her and told her she was my Dr. She looked up my record and said if I didn't come in in the next few months I wouldn't be on her list any more because it had been so long. I made an appointment for a physical and through screenings she set up, we found out that I had stage three colon cancer. She was there for me through chemo and radiation after my surgery, helped me when I got a blood clot, supervised my medication and has been there for me whatever problem has come up and helped me get my health back. She is Moe than a Dr., she is a friend.

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Alicia L. Chen, MD

DONALD, FL Mar 7, 2014

My wife and I met Dr. Chen through friends at Calvary Chapel in Gulf Breeze shortly after we had moved to Florida 10 years ago. She has been a friend as well as our Primary Care Doctor since that time. Her awareness of changes going on in my blood work pointed me to Dr. Tan (an exemplary Oncologist) for further testing. Because of this, my diagnosis of CLL was determined early and has been under control for the past 5 years. On March 23rd, 2013 my wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary. I thank Dr.Chen for her proactive approach to both my wife and my medical health.

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