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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Dwayne Oct 3, 2016

Has improved my outlook on life and my health 1000 x over.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Susan Oct 3, 2016

I had recently lost my husband when I came on board with Dr. Turner. He and his staff have been supportive of my loss and Dr. Turner has been working with me to program my new life as a widower with positive suggestions on eating habits, exercise and mental health. I am taking baby steps to gain confidence in myself and am already enjoying new adventures all on my own. Thank you for being there then and now and in the future for me!!!!

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Bonnie, AZ Mar 10, 2016

I am very happy with Dr. Turner. He is very thorough, friendly and takes his time to explain things. I love his bedside manner. His staff is also friendly and accommodating.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Sherry, AZ Jan 29, 2015

Dr. Turner is doing a phenomenal job. I would be thrilled enough with the changes in my health since he joined MDVIP last year, but recently I have seen another side to this as well. In 9 months, I have dropped 49 lb, HgbA1C has gone from 6.3 to normal (after 6 months), have been weaned off bp meds (after 2 months), and triglycerides have gone from 388 to 112 (after 6 months). My life has completely turned around in terms of health and wellness as well as mental attitude. I am able to do things with family and friends that I havent been able to do in years. That in itself would be enough for me to strongly recommend MDVIP. However, one notices different things when there is something acute going on. I have a history of severe arthritis in my right knee and a previous surgery 10 years ago for torn meniscus. I sustained an acute injury on Dec 30 during water aerobics. Dr Turner did a very thorough exam and said there was more torn meniscus & referred me to my ortho MD. I have always liked my ortho MD, but he missed the boat on this one. He seemed very stressed, very rushed, and did a very minimal exam (only checked range of motion on each knee). His answers did not make sense to me and he provided no explanation for any of it. I would have accepted that if he had done a more thorough exam or ordered an MRI, but I was not completely satisfied with that experience since there was nothing objective on which to base the lack of treatment options. I contacted Dr Turner, told him what was going on, and asked if he would order an MRI and consider sending me for a second opinion. He immediately ordered the MRI, even though ortho should have ordered it. I had my MRI done in the afternoon on an afternoon Dr Turner was not even in the office. Before 8 am the next morning, the office had already to notify me of the results (torn meniscus on both the medial and lateral right knee) and provided a name for a second ortho consult, which I will be seeing next week. Regardless of what the second ortho MD says, the quality of care that I am getting from Dr Turner far exceeds what I got from my longstanding ortho doctor. His explanations have made perfect sense and he has helped me to understand what ortho MD was not able to convey to me. He went over what options may be available and why. Ortho may be the expert in the situation, but Dr Turner is the one who has been providing a far superior level of care. It is wonderful to have an MD who is truly a patient advocate.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Sherry, AZ Jul 21, 2014

Dr Turner has been my PCP for almost 20 years and he has always been a wonderful doctor. As his practice got busier and busier, however, I normally had to see the NP if anything acute was going on. I was lucky if I got to see Dr Turner once a year. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the same as seeing Dr Turner. During those years, I managed to gain close to 100 lb and had tried everything short of bariatric surgery to try to get it off. I was completely discouraged and had never lost more than 20 lb and that was painstaking slow (like 1/4 lb. a week). I knew I was prediabetic, felt bad, the weight didn't help my asthma, and I felt guilty because I am an RN and should be a better example. Dr Turner knew the answers, but didn't know I was so discouraged. I knew I was discouraged, but I didn't know what I could do to lose the weight and correct my metabolism. I wasn't too sure about MDVIP, but I liked the idea of the required physical, the preventative aspect, and felt that Dr Turner deserved a chance. I knew I needed the physical, though I was confident it would be bad. It was bad. The labs were really bad and I was on the verge of diabetes. 3 months ago Dr Turner put me on a less than 20 g net carb a day diet. Within a week I felt like a new person. I am now down almost 30 lb. The labs were just redone and I am amazed at how much better they are. My HgbA1C went from 6.3 to 5.8. I am almost out of the prediabetes range and my triglycerides (which have been high as long as I can remember) are much better. The small dense LDL particles went from an outrageous 775 to 252. I am completely off the bp meds, I have more energy, and I am breathing so much better. I feel like a whole new person. I love that there are no long waits, that I actually get to see Dr Turner, and that he actually has time to explain things to me so that I can understand what is going on metabolically. He looks so much less stressed and so much happier. He is so good at teaching but was so pressed for time before. Yes, it is expensive, but to me it is definitely worth the cost.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Dianne, AZ Mar 29, 2014

My childhood was a very happy one a loving family with great parents and wonderful friends. I was strong - enjoyed sports, dancing, playing the piano, etc. The only thing wrong was that if someone sneezed, I would be the only one who would become ill. A simple cold would turn into bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia. When they came out with Flu Vaccines, my Mother always took for my shot and I would promptly get the flu, which everyone insisted would have been worse without the inoculation. This worsened as I became older. None of this made sense to me, and I knew that my immune system wasnt up to par. This worsened as an adult, especially with a marriage that was often stressful. Learning that Gammaglobuline gave a boost to ones immune system, I told two of my Doctors in LA that this is what I needed. They gave me a look that asked, Where did you get YOUR Medical Degree? During a nasty divorce, I was sick for months on end, several times, and almost died from pneumonia, and bleeding ulcers. But eventually, I responded to all the medicine they gave me. Rather than continue to fight for a Fair Settlement but lose my life my Daughter and I moved to Phoenix in 1998. I was fortunate to find a good job here, and start all over at 56. I immediately got pneumonia again - and NO DOCTOR. My Boss told me his Doctor had a new Practice, and perhaps he could see me. I called, told them the problem and they fit me in THAT DAY. This was Dr. Keven Turner. He was wonderful - and LISTENED to me. Yes, it was Pneumonia again. I told him my thoughts on my Immune System. He ran a simple blood test that confirmed I had Hypogammaglobulinenemia. He said he'd heard of it, but never met anyone with it, and probably never would again. But because of ME, he now checks every patient who is chronically ill. He has diagnosed two others since then. I am so glad that MY story helped them! No cure yet, but there IS a treatment for it. I prayed that God would let me live 10 years, see my daughter graduate, married, and maybe see some Grandchildren. Its been over 15 years! Dr. Turner listened! He also diagnosed additional serious health issues that other Doctors missed. Because of this wonderful, caring, thoughtful man - I am blessed with a normal healthy life, have remarried, and enjoy 2 wonderful Grandchildren. With my limited Social Security income, it is a bit of a stretch to go with MDVIP which is a GREAT organization, without a doubt. However, Dr. Turner is my HERO. You cannot put a price on that. To me, he is what being a Doctor is all about, and I know I wouldnt be here, if it werent for him! Incidentally, I asked God for another 10 years. Dr. Turner said Ill probably have MORE than that!

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Charles and Elaine, AZ Feb 23, 2014

We were fortunate to meet Kevin Turner prior to our move to Arizona. His children and our granddaughters attended the same school. We were introduced to him and his wife Carolyn by our daughter at a school function. When we came to Arizona in the summer of 2002, we discovered that he was a Top Doc in the Phoenix Magazine. From our first visit, we always felt a special bond with Kevin. Over the last 12 years he has been there to guide us through our medical situations. Kevin listens to you, all the while giving you his full attention. You never feel rushed. In fact, one particular visit was stressful for me and I needed to talk about a problem that concerned me greatly. At a point I realized how long I had been in the examining room and mentioned that I needed to stop talking. Kevin said dont worry about the time----he was there for me When Kevin sent out the letter regarding his going with MDVIP we were devastated and yet, we understood why such a move would be positive for him. He is a dedicated physician who likes his patients and wants to be there for them. Our concern in continuing our doctor/patient relationship was a financial one. While seeing Kevin before he officially began his association with MDVIP we talked to him about this concern. He genuinely told us that he did not want us stressed about our decision. Yet, when we came to our final visit we knew that we had to find a way to make it work and remain a patient of his. We look forward to working with Kevin on our wellness plan and MDVIP. Having reviewed the MDVIP literature and using the website has been positive. We are very happy with our decision to remain a patient of our Top Doc - Kevin Turner

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